This is Durham: Durham’s Reservoirs

Anyone can learn to fish – as many of the visitors to
Grassholme, and Durham’s other fishing reservoirs, Derwent and
Hury, can testify.

Everything an angler could need, from rods and bait to waders,
is available from a shop in the fishing lodge at each location;
complete beginners can buy a starter pack which provides all the
necessary paraphernalia, including a permit for a free day’s
fishing. This would normally cost £23 for an adult, and it also
allows two under-18s to fish for free. Rangers are on hand at each
reservoir to give tips and advice, and to pass on their experience.
It is usually not just the fish that get hooked – the angling bug
is an infectious one, and first-timers are often surprised at how
easily they can become proficient.

All the reservoirs are well-stocked, and with more than 135,000
fish of the highest quality available across Durham this year, most
anglers can expect to go home with a good haul – and the prospect
of a fresh, locally-sourced supper. But fish is not the only form
of wildlife in and around the water, so any family members who can’t
be persuaded to try angling can enjoy a gentle walk exploring the
meadows and trees near the water. Among the best of these trails is
the two-mile loop around Tunstall Reservoir, a scenic mix of
woodland, pasture and nature reserve. An astonishing variety of
birds, butterflies and small animals can be found here, as well as
countless species of plants and trees. There’s more than enough on
offer here, and at the other reservoirs in the region, to ensure
everyone can have an enjoyable day in the fresh air.

Learn to fish

For those who have no idea how to attach a bait to a hook,
three-hour try-it sessions are available at Derwent Reservoir and
other fisheries in the area.

Pay £30 (£15 for children, a reduction of £5 on last year’s
price) and you will receive tuition from an expert who will teach
you everything you need to know in order to tempt a trout on to
your dinner plate. Courses run on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Where to stay in Durham

Durham has a host of accommodation options which provide
facilities for cyclists and walkers. Click
here are a few highlights

To discover more of Durham’s great outdoors, visit

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